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The Milk Fairy: about the book

El Hada de la Leche: cuento para el destete

How to accompany a weaning process in terms of the mother and child’s needs?

How to handle it in case of tandem breastfeeding?

How to explain it when your little brother still enjoys breastfeeding on demand, that there is still milk for one but not for the other? 

The "Milk Fairy", is a tale about breastfeeding and weaning, about growth and complicity, and about love.


Written to accompany my oldest and illustrated by the wonderful Kabuki it tells the story that when a baby is born, a little fairy is born too, that accompanies him in his growth, the Milk Fairy.

With her bottle full of milk, she gives him the milk he he needs when he asks for it and they grow together, until the day when each can spread their wing and fly on their own. ​

Mounya Accad - El Hada de la Leche

I'm Mounya, mom of two little forest elves. I discovered the joys (and sorrows) of breastfeeding when my first son, Noah, was born.

I would never have imagined, before becoming a mother, that I could feel so close to such a sweet, magical and defenseless being: my baby.

Our breastfeeding story had a difficult start, for technical reasons, but thanks to the help of breastfeeding specialists we managed to enjoy a long period of serenity.

Two years later I became pregnant with Leo. My hormones skyrocketed along with my need to achieve better quality and quantity of sleep. I began to consider the possibility (note how much it took me to decide in the accumulation of these words) of night weaning.


This was the beginning of a progressive and gradual weaning that lasted for almost a year. I had no deadline, and we looked day by day at finding the balance between Noah's needs and mine. The last trimester of pregnancy was a little more difficult for me, but I told myself that it would be easier after Leo was born, and I held on a little.

El Hada de la Leche: cuento sobre  el destete
El Hada de la Leche: cuento para destetar

Leo was born and I started tandem breastfeeding. At first everything flowed quite well, but after a few months it became overwhelming for me to reconcile nap schedules, the little ones' desire and need to breastfeed and that's not taking into account my own needs.


I accepted that the time had come to prepare Noah for weaning. I wanted to accompany him with a story where I explained well why that moment had come for him before it did for his brother. And that's how the “Milk Fairy” was born.


It is a story that has accompanied us during a gradual and respectful weaning, in that it was started by me and not by Noah.

The story of the Milk Fairy aims to be universal to accompany mother and child in any breastfeeding and weaning process. In the same way that each boy, each girl, each family is unique, each fairy is also unique and their story covers all possible cases. ​


I hope that the story The Milk Fairy accompanies you in that process, whatever your needs and the pace you have chosen, mom and little one.

El Hada de la Leche: cuento para ayudar al destete
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