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Discover what the parents who have already read the story to their little ones have thought about The Milk Fairy.

Important parenting topic. Beautiful.

There is not much information on the topic of weaning, and even less material to work with the children. I think it is a beautiful book that can accompany you in these very important parenting process. Thank you very much Mounya for this gift for moms/dads and children.

Elena (Amazon)

A very nice perspective on weaning.

I found it to be a very charming story, a fairy tale that moves and deals with the topic of breastfeeding and weaning in a way that reaches the child and helps him face it in a positive way. My eldest son was not handling these weeks of weaning well and he loved the book.

Roy Aldana (Amazon)

The Milk Fairy.

A beautiful story to help in weaning with a lot of magic and love.

Highly recommended!!!

Amazon Client

All sweeteness.

Beautiful story with beautiful illustrations, it's wonderful!

Jesus (Amazon)

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